The Sacred/Sites course for Fall 2012, sponsored by Elemental Arts, will explore indigenous sites and practices in the local area. Field trips, special guests, performances, and hands-on activities are integral components of the course.

San Gabriel Mountains

San Gabriel Mountains (Photo credit: Josh LeClair)

The focus of this course is to investigate the natural history and ancient indigenous cultures that shape Claremont as a homeland and to translate this study into performances that map our personal sense of place in the world. Intention is to inspire performances (acted, written, sung, photographed, painted, danced, cooked, filmed or otherwise expressed) as personal responses to the course materials.

The course is jointly taught by writer, performer, director Susan Suntree, author of Sacred Sites: The Secret History of Southern California, and Professor Betty Bernhard, Pomona College Department of Theatre and Dance.

Field trips: Coastal Ancestor Walk, Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Gardens, Native American Resource Center in Big Bridges and the Museum of Art at Pomona.

The course is open to all Claremont Colleges students. Course number is THEA 189A PO-01.

For more information on the course please contact Prof. Bernhard:

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