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For those of us who missed Zoe Carlberg’s exhibition, Walking LA, here is a chance to experience it through her pictures. Many thanks to Zoe for sharing them with us.

The exhibition ran from November 16 through 19, 2011 at the Smith Campus Center Gallery, Pomona College.

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Zoe Carlberg ’12 received an ArtsInspiration Grant to complete her senior thesis project and exhibition Walking L.A. The exhibition was mounted November 16 through 19, 2011 at Pomona’s Smith Campus Center Gallery.

Full report in Pomona News. Original story by Anna Petkovich in The Student Life.

Photo: Pomona News


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One of the Elemental Arts themes is WATER . Here is an inspiring example of how one artist brought her awareness of water issues and her art to the community at large.

Art for Water is an organization founded and directed by artist Christine Destrempes in New Hampshire. Art for Water draws attention to global and local water issues through monumental public-participation art projects.

13,699 is an installation by Ms. Destrempes made of clear plastic, recycled, water bottle caps representing each person who dies every day from preventable, water-related diseases. Pictured is an installation at Annmarie Garden Art Center & Sculpture Park in Solomons, Maryland, October 2010. A crocheted coral reef by Mary Ellen Croteau with Aviva Alter and Mary Buczyk from Chicago is in the background.


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Molecular biologist John Bohannon and dancers from Black Label Movement collaborate in a truly inspiring presentation. TEDx Brussels, 2011.

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