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Permaculture Performance and Film

An exploration of permaculture principles through movement. Choreographed by Matthew Nelson and peformed by participants of the Permaculture Dance Project.

Two Mythological Birds

A site-specific dance performed by Claremont Colleges Students with Matthew Nelson, to music composed by Jordan Nelson and performed live by Clara Kim.

Permaculture Dance Project

A dance film that explores principles of sustainable design through the aesthetics of contemporary dance.  In an abstract, meditative, and uniquely informative visual journey the screen becomes a window to the fantastical and the concrete in motion–superimposing aspects of place, people, and purpose.


Matthew Nelson is a choreographer, dancer, and educator.  He began dancing as an undergraduate student at Pomona College, and now teaches dance at Willamette University in Oregon.  His research interests include spinal connectivity, somatic philosophy, and embodied ecology.  On the web at

Made possible by generous grants from the Mellon Elemental Arts Committee, and the Willamette University Center for Sustainable Communities.

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